Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good Life Project

Good Life Project™ is a movement. A set of shared values. A community. A creed, bundled with a voracious commitment to move beyond words and act. First, as a manifestation of your soul. And then as a quest to have the adventure of a lifetime, and to leave the world around you changed.
It’s about building an extraordinary life, deeper relationships and meaningful bodies of work, businesses and movements. It’s about becoming a creator, a leader, a mentor, a giver, a doer. It's about telling a story with your life that you'd want to read and share.

" Don't just build a living, build a life " by Jonathan Fields. Brilliantly said. Have a look at the videos, you'll get inspired!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Genius Jeff Buckley

Be seriously involved with growing, with your own development, and never fear. Be the kind of person who is naturally powerful, positive, ingenious, open, to the highest degree. Be the best. No negativity. No weakness. No acquiescence to fear or disaster. No errors of ignorance. No evasion to reality. 
Jeff Buckley 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog hop, Blog hop, Blog hop

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome to my blog!

Blog hop is finally here and in full swing. You are probably visiting me from the beautiful blog called Ize on design, written by Karen Swartz Harris ( USA ).

Thank you so much for getting so far with this hop, I'm taking things over now and will gladly present you the prints that I have created for this blog hop. Here they are...

As I mentioned in my previous post the theme we were given is "Flying" and I took the brief quite literally as you can see. Everything flying in the wind was my inspiration. I decided to create 3 prints that stand alone, this is not a collection. The result is simple and clean. First two can work well for kids apparel and the last one would look great as a bedding surface design.

Few mock- ups to demonstrate my vision for these prints:

For those not familiar with me or my work, I'm an illustrator, print and pattern designer from Estonia currently residing in Israel. I work with multitude of mediums and materials, from traditional techniques to a digital computer art, with a strong attention to detail, color combination and elements of nature. Please visit my website for more information about me and my work.

Regarding my dreams and hopes for the year 2013, I want to be and feel more connected, focused and fulfilled. I want to start my own product line, license on a side and occasionally collaborate on different design projects with people I admire. I'm really drawn to children's wear industry and this is where my main focus is probably going to be from now on.

Thank you so much for stepping in and taking a look at my work. Please hop over to the next amazing designer on the line, I'm taking you to Germany to Eva Twinkles studio . Enjoy!

Many thanks to Rosie Martinez-Dekker for pulling the 2013 "Let's fly" l blog hop together, please visit her at Believe Creative studio.
Should you wish to start the blog hop all over again, head over to Gill Eggleston blog Pattern Addict.

Inspirational and meaningful New Year to everyone!

Thank You! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BLOG HOP "Let's Fly " coming soon!

Happy New Year to everyone, may the new year bring you everything you want, dream and wish for. Most of all lot's and lot's of love and happiness!

Now, down to the design business world. I wanted to share with you that around 50 Surface patterns designers ( including me) around the world are gathering together in a fantastic blog hop, opening in a few days, on the 10th of January until 13th of January.

2013 "Let's fly" l blog hop is curated by Rosie Martinez- Dekker from Believe Creative studio and the theme is "Let's fly" ! We'll be using a main color Emerald, Pantone color of the year 2013.
Each designer will be creating a mini collection or 3 patterns based on their own interpretation of the theme and showcasing each ones unique style.

Gill Eggleston from the Pattern Addict will lead off the hop, every next designer will link to the previous and next designer so you can easily follow all the designers around the globe.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Asaf Avidan - One day

I know it's Monday morning, but let's start with a boom today, after all, one day we'll all be old and think about all the stories that we could have told..let's go!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fig & Fauna Farm

These images from the Fig & Fauna blog are so beautiful,homey and serene,they make me want to go to my Estonian, rural, summer, country, far away home right now.

Found via honestlywtf blog.

Summer iPhone Case

I updated my Society6 store with some new patterns.Hop over to check it out here .

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Another week at illustration Friday,this week's topic - REFRESH.My illustration above.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Illustration Friday-SECRET

Illustration Friday is a website with weekly illustration challenge.A topic (the topic of the current week is a SECRET) is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.I've never participated before.So,this is my first time and above is my illustration!